A French bookshop in Amsterdam

On the Dutch website Van Franse bodem (which I think can best be translated as “from French ground”) I found an article about a French bookshop in a canal house in Amsterdam: Le Temps Retrouvé. The article appealed to me and I decided to visit the bookshop when I was in Amsterdam.

The bookshop is located along the beautiful Keizersgracht (Emperors canal) in the Centre of Amsterdam. The interior of the shop is very cosy and welcoming.

The collection consists of adult literature, comics, non-fiction books and books for educational purposes. One of the books that I recognized was the autobiographical comic series Persepolis by Marjane Sartrapi. This series is about a girl growing up in Iran when fundamentalist muslims have come to power. At the back part of the shop, there is a children’s department with books on fairy tales, small easy-to-read books and much more.

Because I study medicine, I bought the book Le français des médécins (the French of doctors) by Thomas Fassier and Solange Talavera-Goy. The book also contains a dvd with 40 videos about communicating in French at a hospital.

I definitely recommend Le Temps Retrouvé when you are visiting Amsterdam.

Le Temps Retrouvé, Keizersgracht 529, 1017 DP Amsterdam

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